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Rick's Special Sauce.

How are Rick's Ribs cooked?

Rick's Ribs are forged in the fires of an old trusty bbq, with over five hours of cooking and monitoring temperatures, talking to the flames. The finest meat flown from far away lands, rubbed with Rick's own blend of herbs and spices combined with a sauce which is  what some people are calling "del halo Enrique ribatos!"* when roughly translated means A warm liquid that makes a tingle in your mouth* They are set to chill then vac packed and sealed for freshness; the rest is up to you.

*Translation may not be accurate

Shipping and Delivery Options

Deliveries dispatched Mon -Thursday (subject to availability)

No weekend deliveries

Allow 1 - 2  Business days

If you want your order before the weekend, order before 12pm Thursday

What the lucky ones have said!

"We literally couldn't fault it, we thought it would dry out putting it back in the oven but it was so soft and juicy but f$$k me that sauce tho omg!" 


"Great taste fellar! We used that mild sauce!! We'll definitely be buying again!" 

Wayne Eyre - Altherm aluminium

"I can still taste them on my palette 15 mins after. I think you're on to a winner mate *

Johnathin - Angus meats

"My wife and I almost got a divorce, fighting over the last rib" - "Honestly these are some of the best ribs that have ever touched my lips!"


"Im plant based but had to give these a go!! Didn't even make it home before I tried. Best ribs I've ever eaten!"

Gareth Costley


Picking up?

302 Wigram Road


Tuesday to Friday 9am -5pm 

or arrange a Saturday pick up. Contact me here

302 Wigram Road, Wigram, Christchurch 8025

The energy source

"I'm excited to try these, now I cant wait to get home!"

Vac packed for freshness!

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