Q: How many people will a rack feed?

A:   Two adults comfortably. Three adults with two or three sides. I can feed my family of two adults and two teens with one rack of ribs and three sides. I have yet to find someone who has eaten a whole rack during one sitting.

Q: Can I freeze these ribs?

A: Yes, especially if you get several racks at a time. Let them defrost slowly over 24 hours.

Q: Should I put Rick's Special Sauce all over my rack before I put it in to the oven to heat?

A: The longer the sauce is on the rack the more it will "tack up". If you like you can drizzle the sauce on to the rack for the last 5 mins of reheating. Otherwise follow the instructions on the label.

Q: Are Rick's Ribs gluten free?

A: Rick's Ribs are gluten free, gasoline free, meth free and covid-19 free. Yes, they are gluten free.

Q: What's the question?

A: Sunday, Father's Day is on Sunday.....

 Q: Deliveries? Can I pick my order up?

A: Yes. The pick up point for the ribs is 41 Sydney Street if you are in Christchurch.

Q: If I'm not home to receive Rick's Ribs when they arrive, will they last outside?

A: The technology of the packing allows the meat to stay chilled inside the box for up to 63 hours. When you order, it will be for following day so dependent on if the order can be fulfilled, will be in your hands the next day. Please note a signature is required on delivery

Q: Do you deliver to rural areas?

A: No....I'm really sorry but if you are rural then you will have to get someone in town to order for you. Sometimes with deliveries in rural areas they may not be dispatched in time and meat in a box over three days in the sun is not great, even in the ice packed boxes.

Q: What time should I order if I want it next day?

A: Before 11am Mon-Thurs. If I have a rack packed and ready to go, I can get it ready to be picked up by the courier company and delivered to you by the next day. No Sat deliveries.