Workplace Pop Up Lunch Menu

Are you tired of the same lunchtime routine?

Have you tried everything that is in your area?

Sick and tired of bringing left-overs from the dinner you had two nights ago and it's fish or curry and then getting yelled at because you have heated it up in the staff room microwave and now the smell is all through the office?

Well here is the solution to all of those problems!

If you have a hungry group of people in your workplace that love to eat bbq food or just want a change I will come to you and cook your lunch right outside your office in the carpark.

What you need and how it works:

  1. A contact person: They would be responsible for emailing around the office to try get at least 10 people who would want lunch, unless we had discussed an alternative number (I would email a cover letter explaining how to pay and receive the goods on the day which could be sent around) and this person would be the one who would finalize a day that suits everyone, this person will get their lunch for free. 
  2. Those people interested could come to this menu (The workplace pop up lunch menu) and order, type their details into the system along with their company name and pre pay for their order. In the shipping details they would select the "Pick up" option and on the day a notification will be sent to say when it is ready.
  3. Come outside and pick it up, eat and enjoy.
  4. Final numbers for orders are to be made at least 4 days out, so for a Friday lunch final orders are to be made by Mon 6pm.

Message me now for an email cover letter or if you think you have the numbers already lets book it in!!

Lunch Menu Items



 Birria Taco $9       or 2 for $16 (GF)

Slow cooked beef flavored with Mexican guajillo chilies' (mild) melted mozzarella, onion, finely diced cabbage and cilantro inside a fried Masa tortilla. These are easy to hold and will crunch when you bite into it. Watch out for the ooze of cheese.  Have it with hot sauce and turn up the heat.


Pulled Pork Pita Pocket  $9       or 2 for $16

5 Hr Slow cooked BBQ pork shoulder inside a heated pita pocket, filled with slaw and topped with Rick's Special BBQ sauce. 



1/4 Rack of Ribs $12 (GF)        add charred corn slaw and bun $16

A quarter rack of ribs, slow cooked over 5 hours with fire and flame, rubbed with Rick's own special blend of herbs and spices and topped off with Rick's own unique tangy bbq sauce. The meat will fall off the bone when you put it in your mouth.



Half Rack of Ribs $23 (GF)        add charred corn slaw, bun and crisps $27

Feeling hungry? Half a rack of ribs will sort you right out. Slow cooked for 5 hours over fire and flame, rubbed with Rick's own herbs and spices and then finished of with his incredible secret BBQ sauce. The meat falls off the bone every time and the tanginess will tingle your lips. You have to try it to believe me.